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Replicate Your BusinessReplicate Your Business On The Internet

Any Item May Also Be Instantly Duplicated, To Allow For More Than One Purchase Option (Buy It Now). The Shopping Cart System On This Site Is In Demonstration Mode, So Feel Free To Buy The Yacht And The Florida Vacation Home And Put It On An Imaginary Charge Card.

Every sellable item posted to your site becomes part of a complex internet based inventory system. The Makatary Automated Shopping Cart Spontaneously Adjusts To Any "Real Time" Changes Made To Any Item In Your Inventory, Such As Price Changes, Non Priced Items, Shipping And Handling Charges, Anything Out Of Stock --Or Posted As An Item For Auction.

Items Loaded Into Your Customers Shopping Carts Will Inform Them Of The Change In Real Time! This Is An Invaluable Asset For Companies With Time Sensitive Pricing Policies.

Auction Marketing Software